Blatant Money Makers

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You can make money with the internet? Probably, I’ll let you know when I’ve made some. These websites do their best to recoup years of wasted server and domain expenses.

If the sites’ dead that means it didn’t work or it used to work and got google slapped!

Buy Mason Jars

Toilet Stool

DIY Worm Bin

Buy Lady Gaga

Buy Bag Balm

Buy Eneloop Batteries

Buy Surly Online

Buy Red Worms

Buy Cast Iron Skillet

Buy Box Set


Making a Living

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Here are the sites I get, or used to get, paid to work on. The fine people behind these sites put food in my microwave.

Pedal to Petal Urban Ag

SPIN Farming

UBC Faculty of Land &  Food

Evolution 1079

The Disasters I’m Responsible For

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This is my cacophony of personal projects. My sites or sites I’m currently or was previously involved with.

Bob Comics The Site that Started it All!

5 gallon bucket Ideas. My most popular site by far. It got so busy I had to move it to a new host.

Mason Jar Crafts

Indie Personal Finance Fun with numbers that have dollar signs in front of them.

Bombproof Bread  (moved from to Five Gallon Ideas)

Greenhouse Farming

Radio Imaging Database – the best idea I’ve ever had, but I broke the website somehow. Will be fixed eventually!

Fernwood Web Design – the prettiest website I’ve ever made.

Trevor Van Hemert (so much for keeping my name a secret)

Island Shire – Bed and Breakfast on Vancouver Island

Generic Brewery

Squirrel Pole

Live More For Less – one of my many defunct blogs

Trev’s Sites – If you’re reading this, you’re already there! Blog for turbonerds who play Dwarf Fortress

Butcher Soap

Generic Mowing

BCIT campus Tour

Plight of the Cactus People – wow this is a weird one. My apologies in advance.
I got an annual report christmas card from WordPress for it though, which was really cool!